Small changes you can make to improve your health in 2015

Here is an easy place to start:

Use Food as Medicine:

1. Drink water with lemon in morning – to help your liver
2. Make and consume bone broth – heal inflammation in GI tract
3. Acid reflux? – use Betain HCL supplements to increase hydrochloric acid
4. Use Celtic sea salt – for added minerals, and no toxins

Simple ideas to get the toxins out:

Detoxification of the skin:

Dry brushing to exfoliate old cells
Infared sauna or regular sauna to sweat out the toxins
Exercise that makes you sweat/ hot yoga – remove toxins
Hot bath with epsom salts – magnesium through the skin
Cold water at the end of a shower – increases immune response

Detoxification of the mouth:

Oil pulling – pulls bad bacteria out of the body
Rinse with hydrogen peroxide – oxygenates the mouth
Brush with baking soda, rinse with apple cider vinegar (lava mouth!)
Brush with neem oil – great antiviral
Tongue scraper – gets toxins from tongue
Detoxification through digestion:

Drink lemon juice with water first thing in the morning
Drink warm water with nothing in it throughout the day – lymph
Drink apple cider vinegar in water after meals
Drink ginger tea – add turmeric for cutting inflammation
Drink Pau D’Arco tea – anti fungal/yeast
Cook with garlic – anti viral
Add trace minerals to your filtered water

Other Health Supportive Ideas:

Veg Up — make sure to get plenty of vegetables in your diet.
Eat fermented foods – if you don’t have SIBO or Candida
Hydrate-drink plenty of water
Take deep breaths – this actually exercises your lungs
Get enough sleep-get the TV out of your room

Get a filter for your water to filter out chlorine and fluoride as well as all the other toxins!
Make sure you are getting the nurturing you need from family and friends,
Take care of yourself!!