Relaxation for the Holidays

With the Holidays coming up, people start planning ahead, but they also feel the stress of all the extra planning and functions.  We’ve already given you some ideas for reducing stress, here are some specific ones for combating the stress with some relaxation ideas:

Make people and relationships your priority. Isn’t this all for “family” anyway? For those of you who don’t have a family, or are not near them or have some other sort of separation; the people around you are family. If you know someone who feels alone during the holidays, it may be a nice time to invite them over to share in your family traditions.

Remember, it doesn’t need to be perfect. No one remembers that you bought the pie from the store, instead of making a Martha Stewart version of perfection. They were probably too full to taste it anyway. So take it easy on yourself; do the things you love to do, and skip those things that “they” think you need to do. If it is a tradition that doesn’t work for your family, skip it. You can save yourself a lot of stress by eliminating the unnecessary.

Keep up your good habits. Keep up those trips to the gym, keep your good sleep habits, and eat healthy; these things will allow you to feel like you are still in control of yourself, even if everything around you is a bit crazy. A healthy you can deal with stresses much better than the you that is suffering from a carb or sugar hangover from sampling all the pies. If you feel healthy, you will feel better.

Take a walk in the cold. I know this sounds awful, but bundle up, grab your spouse, kids, dog, or anyone that will go with you and go for a nice walk in the fresh air. For me, going alone is the best, then I can just soak in the environment, but usually I take my dogs. I have found that it is even more fun to go to a new location instead of the route I walk daily. I have been going to my local park, lately, for a fresh location. Fresh environment and fresh air combined give you a fresh look on life. It may make you realize that whatever you are “stressing out” about isn’t really that bad.

Get a massage. Is it any wonder I would suggest that? As a massage therapist, I can actually see the reduction in stress in a one hour massage. If you are really stressed, go for a 90 minute massage; there is something magical about 75 minutes that really drops you into that parasympathetic state. It will be the shortest hour and a half of your life, but the rest of your day you will be so calm you will wonder what you were worried about in the first place.


These are just five tips to think about to help you with the Holiday Season. I could go probably write a book on this topic, but this is just something to encourage you. If you like these ideas, please leave a message on our Facebook page. If you want to know more about me, go to my website I hope you have the best Holiday Season ever!

Patti Bealer
Board Certified Massage Therapist
IIN Certified Health Coach