Video: How to open a coconut.

Here is a video with Annalisa, explaining how to open a coconut, which is a handy thing to know if you use young Thai coconuts in your smoothies.  Some people are afraid to buy just the coconut, because they aren’t sure how to open it.  So here you go!

Now, why would you want to open a coconut and put it in your smoothie?  The health benefits of coconuts are being talked about all through the health community.  So many people are buying coconut oil, coconut water and coconut flakes.  Here you are getting it from the actual source, the real meat and “milk” of the coconut.  It tastes amazing, and adds wonderful flavor to your smoothies when you use this as a base.  I hope you feel free to give it a try, now.  Be cautious, because you are still using a sharp knife, but it is a great skill to learn.