Eating for the seasons

Eating for the Seasons

Winter is almost over, but you may have noticed yourself craving warm, comforting foods, such as soups, chilis, casseroles?

DSC_5135 Have you found yourself craving food that warms you up on the inside like a fire warms you up on the outside. I just want you to envision how natural that feels, when the weather is in the single digits outside. Then think how unappetizing a salad sounds when you are wrapped up trying to stay warm. If it sounds good to you, or you are sticking to your needs, by all means go ahead. However, for most of us, it just doesn’t sound so appealing.

I encourage you to listen to what your body is telling you.

You can still have all those vegetables (except maybe the lettuce) by putting them in a 021209-stir-frynice warm soup. Put your chopped up vegetables in a crock pot with chicken or vegetable broth, maybe add some brown rice or quinoa pasta and you have dinner waiting for you when you get home at night. You can spice it up before or after you serve it. A nice stir fry is another warm, comforting food for winter. Cook some brown rice, or make some cauliflower rice and stir fry loads of chopped up greens and veggies in some olive oil, and maybe some Tamari (wheat free soy sauce).

Another thing I love to do in the New Year is a “detox diet: or a “cleanse”.

There are all types of “detoxes” and “cleanses” out there to try; I prefer the ones that you give up the bad but keep the good, and are detoxing something specific. The one I did in January was essentially a Gut Biome cleanse. Essentially it is a “weed and feed” diet. Cleanse out the bad bacteria, then add in the good. This was done by a strict diet for two weeks, then later adding in fermented foods. There was a lot of information included in this program, and I was amazed at how many people out there have serious digestive issues. So we decided we need to talk to you about your gut biome.  If you are interested in learning about working on your digestive health, come to our “Gut Health” talk in March. Not only will we talk about how to start healing your gut, we will also show you how to start making your own fermented foods at home.kombucha1cultured-veggies1