About Us:

Amy Santarelli

My name is Amy Santarelli and I love to talk about hens, health, and homeopathy

Hens—our family of 6 lives on an acreage where we are learning to grown our own food—both plants and animals. I love to get fresh eggs each day and enjoy learning about real food—food without labels or with only a few ingredients.

Health—Continuing to learn about so many aspects of health. One focus of mine is gut health and how it affects our immune system, nutrient absorption, and even brain functions—such as the connection between antibiotics and ADD/learning issues.

Homeopathy— I have been learning about homeopathy for 4 years now and it has allowed me to clear out my medicine cabinet and skip trips to the doctor. I love its philosophy—that the mind, body, emotions and spirit are all connected and each contributes to health or sickness. I love sharing how this form of medicine allows you to care for your own family’s health at home, without side effects and suppression of symptoms.

Check out my blog chickendumplinggang.com


Patti Bealer

I believe you can have health at any age!

I am a health coach certified through the Institute of Integrated Nutrition.  I am also a massage therapist.  I am a consummate student of what helps our bodies maintain health physically and emotionally.  I believe health comes from establishing gut health, physical movement, community and relationships.

To find out more about me, visit my website, pattibealer.com.

Tisha Perry

To find out more about Tisha, check out her  Facebook page.